Skin Regeneration and Wrinkle Treatment with Bioidentical Hormones (BHRT)

At a Glance

  • Preliminary examinations: Extensive checks on hormonal status, further examinations depending on the patient’s state of health
  • Procedure: Medical examination and anamnesis, evaluation of preliminary findings, development of a therapy concept, regular check-ups, check-up blood tests every 3 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days)
  • Duration of therapy: Individually dependent, mostly 3 to 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days)
  • Check-ups: To be arranged on an individual basis
  • Foreign patients: Check-up blood tests can be carried out in the home country

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As the years pass, our bodies change – unfortunately, not always in the way we want and often due to constant stress, overload and an unhealthy lifestyle earlier than “normal”. Externally the inner “decline” manifests in a loss of skin elasticity, the facial contours of our youth giving in to gravity and beginning to sag, our physical performance and capacity to take pressure decreasing and small fat pads to start building up, which in contrast to earlier years stubbornly defy efforts to reduce them with sport and diets.

There are many reasons for premature aging: Overwork, (constant) stress, pressure to perform and rushing around on the one hand, too little exercise and bad eating habits on the other are too much for our bodies and speed up the natural aging process with all its unpleasant visible signs.

What can we do about this?

We cannot do anything to stop the march of time, but we can stop premature aging caused by constant stress, overload and an unhealthy lifestyle. In contrast to earlier centuries, people in today’s world are still involved in the creative process in the second half of their lives. People over 40 are remaining active, life expectancy is rising, the retirement age is raised gradually and elderly people are the fastest growing group in society.

“As Inside, so Outside”

To a large degree, hormones are responsible for the functioning of our entire organism – our general well-being, performance levels and vitality all depend to a great extent on our hormone levels.

As time passes, our endocrine glands and organs decline and become less efficient. This process is speeded up by (permanent) stress, certain lifestyle habits and an unbalanced diet. The consequences are deficiency symptoms showing themselves externally in the form of sallow, sagging skin, wrinkles, etc.

We can support our body by providing it with the substances it needs to maintain a vigorous, healthy appearance for as long as possible.

Beautiful Skin Using Hormones

Hormonal Regeneration by DDr. Heinrich® strengthens your body from the inside. Regenerative treatments over a period of several months regenerate and rejuvenate by using substances dosed in accordance with your individual needs.

After your “actual status” has been determined with a detailed anamnesis and laboratory tests, your hormonal deficiencies will be balanced out with bioidentical hormones during the therapy.

Bioidentical hormones are not foreign to the body in contrast to synthetic hormones (e.g., anti-baby pill). In chemical terms they resemble the hormones produced by our own bodies. Combined with (organ) strengthening preparations, an external rejuvenation can be achieved as a kind of “side effect” of the treatment of partly chronic deficiencies with bioidentical hormones.

After only a short time, your body will be able to take more pressure and your physical performance levels increase. There will be a marked improvement in your complexion and your skin will appear fresher, firmer and radiate vitality. Weight problems are also much easier to deal with.

The external skin rejuvenating effect which can be achieved with hormones can be increased even further in combination with local treatments by means of skin growth factors or platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Depending on the individual indication, a Bioidentical Hormonal Regeneration Therapy® (BHRT) lasts between 3 and 6 cycles (1 cycle = 28 days). Repeat treatments are possible.

All after photos show the results actually achieved by the treatment. To protect the anonymity of the depicted persons individual physical characteristics (e.g., moles, tattoos) might have been removed.

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