Skin Regeneration and Wrinkle Treatment with Stem Cells and Autologous Fat (Lipofilling)

At a Glance

  • Treatment duration: 30 minutes to 3 hours (outpatient)
  • Anesthesia: Exclusively local anesthesia (tumescent anesthesia)
  • Sport: After several days at the earliest (according to area treated and type of sport)
  • Socially acceptable activities: Normally after 1 to 2 days
  • Preliminary examinations: Blood test, further examinations depending on the patient’s state of health
  • Bandage: Normally only overnight
  • Incapacity to work: Normally 1 to 2 days
  • Check-ups: To be arranged on an individual basis

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Why Does Our Skin Age?

Our face and body age due to the fact that the skin’s biological quality and elasticity decline and subcutaneous tissue, muscles and all other physical structures regress. This process is massively accelerated by stress, overload, unhealthy diet and certain lifestyle habits.

The visible signs of premature skin aging are well-known: The skin tissue loses its former firmness and “freshness”, wrinkles appear, become deeper and permanent, hair becomes thinner and more brittle. The appearance of hands and cleavage are usually the most telling signs of a person’s biological age.

Autologous Stem Cells

Autologous stem cells open up encouraging possibilities for the gentle treatment and regeneration of your skin without the use of artificial fillers. Surgery such as facelifts and lid corrections, during which skin tissue is cut away, are superfluous in many cases. Instead of using these conventional measures, our approach to therapy is to replenish list volume in a gentle, natural way with autologous tissue and stem cells. As a result, your subcutaneous tissue will regenerate.

Treatments with stem cells or stem cell-enriched autologous fat are suitable for facial rejuvenation, treatment of wrinkles and correction of dents, unevenness and loss of volume on thighs, bottom, abdomen and other parts of the body. In this way, hands and cleavage can also be rejuvenated.

What Happens During Stem Cell Treatment?

The body’s own adipose tissue is a great “storehouse” of adult stem cells which everybody has available. The regenerative potential of these stem cells can be utilized for the regeneration of the skin and for the treatment of wrinkles.

Stem cells are extracted from your autologous fat, and after being specially prepared, they are used for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment and body shaping. In order to obtain the stem cells, we require only a small amount of your body fat, which is harvested by hand. Depending upon your personal wishes, liposuction is carried out either with fine microcannulas or the somewhat thicker regular cannulas.

Beauty and Rejuvenation with Stem Cells

According to the specific indication, either only the stem cells are used as a suspension or stem cell-enriched autologous fat (lipofilling). These are gently introduced into the areas which the patient wants to have treated, without the use of a scalpel. The advantage this “filler” has is its longer durability compared to the conventional use of autologous fat without stem cell enrichment.

Local stem cell treatment can also be combined with other treatments. Should you not only wish to restore lost volume to your face, but also suffer from unwanted fatty deposits (e.g., a double chin), combined suction with thin facial microcannulas can be of help. For general regeneration, we recommend an additional cure with bioidentical hormones.

In contrast to all other “fillers” (such as silicone), autologous stem cells have a regenerating effect on the areas treated. In this way, your skin can be rejuvenated and firmed without the result being a mask-like facial expression and without impairing your natural facial movements.

The Period Afterwards

After treatment with stem cells or a stem cell-enriched autologous fat transfer, you will be mobile and discharged to go home.

Depending on the extent of the areas treated, it is sufficient to wear either a plaster or a bandage until the next morning. Normally, you can go back to work on the day after treatment. There may be some bruising, reddening or swelling.

In order that no one notices your little secret, you can apply make-up over any bruises you may have in your face after treatment. If dents or a loss of volume in your skin have been evened out with stem cell-enriched autologous fat, it is important that you do not put pressure on the areas treated for a time by wearing tight clothing.

All after photos show the results actually achieved by the treatment. To protect the anonymity of the depicted persons individual physical characteristics (e.g., moles, tattoos) might have been removed.

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